Registrar Abuse Policy

Use of Charleston Road Registry d/b/a Google Registry (“Google Registry”) by Registrars is subject to this Registrar Abuse Policy, which Google Registry may update from time to time.

If not defined here, capitalized terms have the meaning stated in the Registry Registrar Agreement (“Agreement”) between registrar or other authorized user ("You") and Google Registry.

You agree to not engage in any abusive behaviors, including the following:

  • Allowing registrants to use the Registry Services in any manner that violates the Domain Name Abuse Policy.
  • Engaging in deceptive practices including fraudulent attempts to manipulate transfers, or sending false or misleading notices to domain name registrants.
  • Taking any actions on a registered domain that are not in the interest of, or requested by, the domain registrant, including but not limited to:
    • Restricting transfers of domain names to other registrars
    • Renewing domains other than for use by the existing registrant
    • Transferring domains to yourself or another registrant due to non-payment of fees or non-renewal of domain by existing registrant, or
    • Registering domains for the registrar’s own purposes based on user queries (i.e. “Front-running”)
  • Providing access to WHOIS data in a manner that is not appropriately reliable.
  • Favoring certain registrants over others.

Your failure to comply with this policy may result in suspension or termination of the Agreement.