Google Registry FAQs

Whether you're a registrar partner or someone trying to register a domain, we've got you covered.

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I am a registrar partner

Which top level domains will Google Registry be offering?

Google Registry is currently offering .app, .dev, .dad, .phd, .prof, .esq, .foo, .zip, .mov, .nexus, .page, .new, .how, .soy, .みんな, .day, .boo, .ing and .meme. We also own .ads, .eat, .fly and .here among others. We'll be using some of the domains we own, such as .google, .youtube, and .chrome, for Google products, so they won't be open to the public.

How do I become a Google Registry registrar partner?

Please fill out this form if you're interested in becoming a registrar partner. Please note that Google Registry registrar partners must be ICANN-accredited registrars.

How is Charleston Road Registry related to Google?

Charleston Road Registry (CRR), also known as Google Registry, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Google. Because ICANN requires that registrars and registries remain separate entities, and Google is an ICANN-accredited registrar, CRR exists as a separate company from Google. We offer equivalent terms to all registrars in terms of pricing, awarding domains, or any other domain operations; we'll partner with any ICANN-accredited registrars that are interested in our domains and meet any additional criteria that we set for a TLD.

Where can I find details about Google Registry's DNS security practices (also known as the DNSSEC Practice Statement)?

Our DNSSEC Practice Statement contains all relevant security and related operational information for Google Registry DNS. It is structured in compliance with RFC 6841.

What is Google Registry doing to help protect trademark owners on their TLDs?

Google Registry complies with all of ICANN's rights protection mechanisms (RPMs) for the new gTLD program. This means we participate in things ICANN created such as the Trademark Clearinghouse, Sunrise period, and dispute resolution procedures. We’ve also implemented enhanced RPMs such as a free, permanent Trademark Claims Service, permitting brand owners to monitor domain registrations incorporating their trademarks across our TLDs. In addition, Google Registry sets domain prices in a way that is conscientious of brand owners' budgets, and doesn't charge special premiums for Sunrise registrations.

I am trying to register a domain

When will these domains be available for registration?

.app, .day, .dev, .dad, .phd, .prof, .esq, .foo, .zip, .mov, .nexus, .rsvp, .boo .page, .new, .how, .soy, and .みんな are all available now for registration. Check out our announcements page for updates on what’s next.

Is Google Registry offering pre-registrations?

When Google Registry launches a new top-level domain, it does not offer pre-registrations. Please check with your preferred registrar partner.

I would like to change the personal information in my WHOIS record, or I am deleting my domain and would like all of my personal information in the WHOIS record to be deleted.

To request that your domain record and all personal information attached to the record be deleted, or to change any personal information attached to the WHOIS record for your domain, please contact your registrar. Google Registry receives this information from registrars. If your registrar is not able to change this information for you or delete the domain and all personal information attached to it, please file a complaint with us using the “Report a problem” link at the bottom of this page, and we can investigate the issue with your registrar. Please see the Google Registry Privacy Policy for more information.