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Google Registry wants to partner with ICANN accredited registrars to make our domains available to interested people and businesses.

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Interested in becoming a registrar partner?

Google Registry is looking for registrar partners who are interested in selling our domains. If you're interested in receiving our TLDs’ Registry-Registrar Agreement please fill out the partner interest form. Any information we collect through this form will be used pursuant to our privacy policy.

Already a registrar partner?

If you are already onboarded with Google Registry, you can request the RRA for our TLDs from our support team. If you are looking for TLD-specific resources, technical documents and billing records, please log into Google with your credential and follow the link below for a Google Drive folder containing the materials.

Our TLDs and assets

dot meme logo
.Meme is for the culture. Funny, relatable, and shareable, memes drive the internet today.

dot ing logo
Build your website in a single word with .ing.,, — the possibilities are endless.

dot foo logo
When you’re programming, change is constant. You can use .foo is for everything and anything.

dot zip logo
.Zip is a secure domain for tying things together or moving really fast. Hosting content on a .zip domain means speed.

dot mov logo
.Mov is a secure domain for moving pictures and whatever moves you.

dot nexus logo
.Nexus is a secure domain that brings it all together. No matter what it is you’re doing online, .nexus can be your hub.

dot dad logo
Whether you’re a dad who wants to start a blog or someone showing appreciation for the father figures in your life, .dad is the place for fatherhood-related content.

dot phd logo
.Phd is for anyone with a doctorate. You've earned your diploma, now show off what you can do.

dot prof logo
.Prof is a secure domain for professors. Show off all your teaching credentials, research, and publications with a .prof domain.

dot esq logo
Whether you’re a lawyer or a distinguished person, .esq is for you. Get a .esq domain to showcase your BAR admissions, alma mater, work experience, and more.

dot rsvp logo
.Rsvp is a secure domain for events and reservations. Use it to help guests confirm their plans with you.

dot boo logo
Hey .boo! Whether you’re building a website for love, laughs, or a surprise, .boo is a fun and memorable domain that’s also secure.

dot day logo
.Day is the perfect domain to help celebrate a,, and any other special occasion.

dot new logo
.New is a domain extension exclusively for performing new actions online. Any act that leads to creation can have a quick and memorable .new domain associated with it.

dot dev logo
.Dev is a secure domain for developers and technology. From tools to platforms, languages to blogs, .dev is a home for all the interesting things that you build.

dot page logo
.Page makes it easy to build a simple, more secure online presence.

dot app logo
.App is a more secure domain for apps. From games to news to education, .app is the perfect home for your app.

dot how logo
.How is a place for thinkers, tinkerers, and knowledge seekers.

dot soy logo
.Soy caters to the growing digital needs of Latinos.

dot minna logo
.みんな is a place for community, where Japanese businesses and users can create, build and connect with like-minded people.

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