Launch details for .page

20th July 2018

We are launching our fifth open top-level domain, .page, a new domain that makes it easy to build a simple, more secure online presence. .page is for anyone who wants to create a new website online, including entrepreneurs, publishers, developers, businesses, and students. If you’re interested in carrying .page domains, you can download our RRA here.

Here are the important dates to be aware of in 2018:

  • Aug 27 - Oct 2: Sunrise period where trademark holders who have submitted their trademark to the Trademark Clearinghouse can register .page domains.
  • Oct 2 - Oct 9: Early Access period where anyone can register available .page domains for an extra fee, which decreases leading up to General Availability.
  • Oct 9 and onwards: General Availability where anyone can register available .page domains.

Please note that a claims period will run indefinitely, during which trademark owners will receive notification when their marks are registered as domains.

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