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24th April 2019

On May 8th, .app will turn one. We’re celebrating by rounding up our favorite uses of .app domains around the world and sharing what their creators had to say about their experience.


Antigua and Barbuda

  • “With more and more people using their smart phone everyday to find things around them, my .app domain immediately lets users know that my business is 100% mobile friendly and tech focused. Plus the requiring SSL Certificate offered a greater peace of mind as a great security benefitso users knew it was a domain they could trust!” -Elijah James, Founder/Head of Development



  • “Because we have an App and we could never obtain the .com!” -Miguel Angel Morkin, CEO/Founder  



  • “I really like the domain name, because it's flexible. For example, is the domain for my web app, because it has the words "web app" in it. And soon I'll have,, etc.” - Ethan, Developer



  • “I think .app domains are a great alternative to .com domains in a mobile-first internet.” -Matthias Bauchinger, CEO



  • “We're a new startup and having "app" in our name made a lot of sense. The benefit of a new TLD is that you still have lots of options without it costing an arm and a leg. We love the TLD-wide HSTS preload, it's an important step forward towards a more secure internetone we want to help monitor.” -Mattias Geniar, Co-founder



  • “We're a foodtech company that develops market-leading mobile technology for home food management. We needed a special website address to stand out. We're happy with this domain, it makes us special.” -Ivo Ivanov Dimitrov, General Manager



  • “We think it is the most representative of the product that we are producing. We are building an app that exists on all platforms: desktop, mobile, web—.app brings it all together. It feels like the right place for an app vs. choosing a country tld that was really meant for something else. It feels like it transcends boundaries.” -Aydin Mirzaee, Founding Fellow
  • “We love our new .app domain and having the .app email address is the icing on the cake!” -Bernd Wolfram, Head of Marketing



  • “It's been great seeing that we can rank nicely on a .app domain. That was our only concern but has proved to be unfounded.” -Dennis Kayser, CEO
  • “Mainly two things. One, it's always HTTPS so the security is higher. Two,  the TLD fit perfectly for developing and deploying applications.” -Jamie Neubert Pedersen, CTO



  • “I sell apps, the .app domain are just perfect for me.” -Amauri Champeaux, web and mobile app developer



  • “We're providing an App which is based on trust between our users and us and we've heard that .app domains can only be used using state of the art security for our visitors. It was quickly clear that a .app domain would perfectly fit our needs.” -Benjamin Carl and Tobias Holz, Co-founders
  • “Works well for an app product website.” -Timo Josten, Managing Partner
  • ”We’re makers of an app. It’s the perfect fit.” -Max Seelemann, Founder and Head of Development



  • “I was very excited for the launch of .app domain and the extra security that comes with it. Crono is a mobile app plus web extension, thus is the best possible domain name through which I can reach out to my users.” -Abhishek Batra, Software Engineer
  • “.app domain is really an iconic TLD for the mobile application representation. So, I would recommend it to all the people specially who are making the mobile applications.” -Deepak Khunt, CEO



  • “The .app domain is really easy to remember and write in a browser url field, which is good when hyperlinks are not available.” -Danilo Bonardi, CEO



  • “We build an app for online stores, and the .app domain enabled us to present a clear, attractive, consumer-facing URL for our company.” -Yoni Elbaz, Co-Founder & CEO


Israel and Ukraine

  • “It's short, straight forward and secured.” -Eden Vidal, CEO



  • "I've chosen it since the .com domain was taken. I liked the fact that all requests must be on https." -Alex Ferraroni, Developer



  • “We thought the domain best exemplified the modern, cloud-based, managed application that we provide with Winmore, and we wanted to be leading edge!” -Mark Gamble, Product Marketing Director



  • “The site started as a project for my graduate Educational Technology class at Georgia Tech (I'm a remote student studying from Warsaw, Poland). Getting the perfect domain gave me the initial push to turn it into the real deal (instead of making a prototype, publishing a scientific paper on it, and forgetting).” -Ludwik Trammer, Creator



  • “Mobile is a very important part of our strategy, and the .app domain helps us differentiate and emphasize that.” -Ken Ming Lee, CEO and Founder
  • “We felt that a .app domain would accurately represent our startup while also creating an interesting point of differentiation for our users. Having a .app domain adds a real impactful branding factor. The domain sounds really intriguing to users and not only raises an eyebrow but helps with brand recall!” -Earnest Alexis, Co-founder and Head of Business Development



  • “Suits our Android and iOS app and shortens our url.” -Grega Čučnik, Owner and developer of Fishing Points



  • “Because my business is a web+ios+android app. Also, because of name availability.” -Joan Boixadós, Indie Maker
  • “It is the best domain to communicate with our audience!” -Gabriel Aldamiz-echevarria, CEO



  • “A .app domain gave us a great chance for our product to stand out and communicate it’s an app rather than a page about the fruit our product is named after. It’s a short sweet domain that is relevant and easy to share to direct people to our website.” -Heidi Helen Pilypas, Designer & Co-Founder
  • “I really like the simplicity of .app domains for marketing sites for my apps.” -Jordan Hipwell, Mobile App Developer
  • “Most of our users were on the mobile app (90% mobile, 10% web), and the .com wasn't available. We felt in this case, .app was just as good to have and jumped on it.” -Weixi Yen, CTO
  • “I was able to get a shorter URL and because we create apps.” -Stephen Johnson, Founder
  • “The .app domain is a short, impactful description of what we do, right there in our URL. We like it so much we’ve organized our branding and social media accounts around the name, too.” -Nathan C Bowser, Digital Marketing Director
  • “Loadster is a web application with companion desktop applications, and the .app domain conveys that succinctly. It gives the user a hint what the site is about, and the .app extension is almost a call to action when looking at the URL for the first time: this destination is an app to get things done, not just another web page. Also, the .com for our brand was not available and we've been unable to contact the owner in the interest of purchasing it, so we wanted something equally short and recognizable. I'm glad we went with .app – particularly among our audience of developers and testers, it's fast achieving the recognition and street cred that .io had several years ago.” -Andy Hawkes, Founder at Loadster
  • “Our team loves how memorable our URL is :)” -Michael Gao, Co-Founder, Developer
  • “It is modern, fresh, descriptive, and easily remembered.” -Tina Fitch, Co-Founder & CEO
  • “It is fun and forward-looking domain!” -Michael Bock, Software Engineer
  • “Very memorable and marketable.” -Grant Deken, Co-Founder, CEO / Chase Oliver, Co-Founder, CPO
  • “We choose a .app domain because of the inherent SSL security needed to connect. Also, the high availability of names was another positive aspect that we desired. Finally, since the main goal of our business is to maintain and improve our cash back phone application, we felt a .app TLD was the best branding for our website.” -Eric Johnson, Lead Web / UX / UI Designer
  • “Easy to pronounce and easy to remember” -Lior Grossman, Founder of Darkness
  • “Our scientific partners need simple, memorable URLs for their applications, and the .app TLD makes it easy for them for them to remember and share their work. Using a .app site lets us draw a nice analogy between our web app showcase and mobile app stores, and it helps to convey that the applications our users publish are interactive and publicly accessible. -Michael DeWitt, Software Engineer, Google Earth Engine
  • “The .app domain very clearly describes the realm of content users should expect when visiting, and it's easy to remember -- perfect for brands like that depend on quick and accurate discernment from new and existing users.” -Ben Merrill, Design Chief at TopHatch

There you have it! This is only a small slice of all the interesting apps out there that are already using a .app domain. If you’re building an app, visit to see more use cases and get your secure domain today.

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