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What is .phd, .prof, and .esq?

You've earned your diploma, now show off what you can do. Get a .phd, .prof, or .esq TLD under your name. Even better, websites hosted on these top-level domains are secure. The domains are automatically included on the HSTS preload list, meaning security is built in.
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.Phd is for anyone who has earned their doctorate. You've earned your diploma, now show off what you can do.
.Prof logo
.Prof is for professors. Profess your accomplishments on a .prof domain.
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.Esq is for lawyers. Show off your BAR admissions, alma mater, experience, and more.

Who’s on these domains?

Erika Kullberg
Erika Kullberg is an attorney and money expert with over 20 million followers on social media and is passionate about better positioning people for success.
Casey Fiesler
Professor Casey (Fiesler) is a technology ethics educator and science communicator.
Ugo Lord
Ugo Lord, "The New Age Attorney", is a modern lawyer for the modern world. He provides his audience with legal advice for everyday life.
Emily Murphy
Professor Emily Murphy is an expert on law, brain, and behavior. She teaches at the University of California College of the Law, San Francisco.
Lucie A. Robinson
Lucie A. Robinson, Esq., is the founder and Managing Partner of LAR Legal Group, which is a firm dedicated to protecting and defending the rights of its clients.
Stephanie Duchesneau
Stephanie Duchesneau is a cybersecurity and data privacy attorney in Washington, D.C.
Rafael Misoczki
Rafael Misoczki is an expert in post-quantum cryptography, fully homomorphic encryption, privacy enhancing technologies, and the application of these constructions.
Lai Jiang
Dr. Jiang is a software engineer specializing in cloud computing and Internet infrastructure.
More early adopters coming soon.
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