.google Pricing Policy

Charleston Road Registry d/b/a Google Registry (Google Registry or Registry Operator) will provide Registrar with a rate card indicating prices for:

  1. Standard Domain Registration Fee
  2. Premium Domain Registration Fees
  3. Early access Period Registration Fee
  4. Qualified Launch Period Registration Fee
  5. Sunrise Registration Fee
  6. Domain Renewal Fee
  7. Domain Transfer Fee
  8. Domain Restore Fee
  9. Domain Server Status Change Request Fee

The Registry Operator may update the rate card and modify this Pricing Policy from time to time in accordance with the .google Registry-Registrar Agreement.

Grace Periods

Add Grace Period: For 5 days after registering a domain, Registrars can delete the domain without being charged, and the domain will be open for re-registration.

Auto-Renew Grace Period: Upon its expiration, a domain name will be automatically renewed for 1 year. For 45 days after a domain expires, Registrars can delete the domain to avoid being charged for this renewal.

Redemption Grace Period: For 30 days after a domain is deleted, a Registrar may redeem the domain, subject to the Registrar Abuse Policy and the applicable redemption fees. This only applies to fully registered domains that are deleted, not to deletions of domains pending registrations or domains deleted during the Add Grace Period.

Re-Introduced Domains

Re-introduced Domains are domains that have been deleted and were not restored during the Redemption Grace Period. Registry may choose to make these names available for registration. The Registrar Abuse Policy provides guidance on the types of actions registrars can and cannot perform on domain names, including during the Auto-Renew Grace Period.