.new is ready for action

30th October 2019

On October 29th, Google Registry launched .new as an extension exclusively for performing new actions online: any act that leads to creation can have a quick and memorable .new shortcut associated with it. Check out some of our featured launch partners:

  • Playlist.new: Create a new playlist to add songs on Spotify.

  • Story.new: Write about what matters to you on Medium.

  • Canva.new: Create beautiful designs with your team.

  • Webex.new: For an easy, fast, and secure way to start your personal meeting room from any browser, try this shortcut from Cisco Webex.

  • Link.new: Instantly create trusted, powerful, recognizable links that maximize the impact of every digital initiative using Bitly.

  • Invoice.new: Create, customize and send customer invoices directly from the Stripe Dashboard.

  • Api.new: Prototype and launch your ideas for new Node.js API endpoints with this shortcut from RunKit.

  • Coda.new: Simplify your team’s work with a new doc that combines documents and spreadsheets into a single canvas.

  • Music.new: Create personalized song artwork for OVO Sound artist releases, pre-save upcoming music, and play the latest content with a single click.

  • Cal.new: Create a new Google Calendar event right from your browser.

Read the full blogpost here. Starting December 2, 2019, anyone can apply for a .new domain during the Limited Registration Period. If you’ve got an idea for a .new domain, you can learn more about our policies and how to register at whats.new.

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