Launch details for .app

1st March 2018

We are currently in the process of launching our fourth open top-level domain, .app, a more secure domain for apps. From games to news to education to business, .app is the perfect home to promote apps on the web. The .app domain is a great place to showcase a unique and trustworthy destination. If you’re interested in carrying .app domains, you can download our RRA here.

Here are the important dates to be aware of in 2018:

  • Mar 29 - May 1: Trademark holders can register .app domains (known as the "Sunrise" period).
  • May 1 - May 8: Anyone can register available .app domains for an extra fee (known as the "Early Access" period).
  • May 8 and onwards: Anyone can register available .app domains (known as “General Availability").

Please note that a claims period will run indefinitely, during which trademark owners will receive notification when their marks are registered as domains.

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