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More people search for “how” than any of the five “W”s (who, what, where, when, and why). And now, there is .HOW - a place for thinkers, tinkerers, and knowledge-seekers to explore everything from “how do” to “how to.” From sword fighting to home renovation, .HOW domain names are being registered by tutors, gurus, coaches, mentors and teachers of all kinds sharing the amazing things that they do. Visit www.get.how to learn more.

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People use the Internet to learn how things work, how to do something, or how to turn a hobby into a business. They find their answers in great content, created by great teachers like you. Now, there is a new way to help you share: .HOW, a place for thinkers, tinkerers, and knowledge seekers. Get your .HOW name today and start sharing your passion with the world.