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.SOY caters to the growing digital needs of Latinos, the fastest growing demographic in the United States, offering brands, publishers, and consumers a place to create, collaborate, and share. Alongside key partners, we're creating a new, bilingual web, and our marketing campaigns and PR outreach are in full swing. ¡Vamos!

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How to talk about .SOY

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.SOY, Spanish for “I am," is a new space on the web for Latinos - the fastest growing demographic in the United States. It is the place for content and ideas that reflect the unique interests and bicultural, bilingual identity of U.S. Hispanics. For your business, for your brand, for your bold new idea - building on .SOY proves that you are part of the Latino community.


.SOY, "I am" en inglés, es un nuevo espacio en la web para latinos, quienes son el sector demográfico con mayor crecimiento en U.S.A. Es el nuevo espacio de ideas y contenido que reflejan los intereses únicos y la identidad bicultural y bilingüe de esta comunidad. Para tu negocio, tu marca, tu nueva idea audaz - usando .SOY demuestras que eres parte de la comunidad Latina.